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Welcome to my website. The purpose of the site is to keep you informed of my compositional activities and their ancillaries: writing, teaching and conducting. My thanks to Peter Scott for setting up the site so handsomely. I asked Peter to set it up because he has the two qualifications necessary: the technical know-how and brilliant musical skills (he is a music PhD of Durham University). If you would like to find out more about Peter and his work, complete this link.

I will use this blog section to think out loud on various aspects of music and the arts. The most foolish thing I could do is to promise a schedule for these offerings. Like everyone, I have a non-internet life that is not neatly index-linked to the internet’s demands. Please check in at whim.

A few words about what is already here. The worklist serves a personal function quite different from the more functional one to be found on the Contemporary Music Centre site. Almost everything I have written since the age of twenty is included here. Some of the early pieces are scarcely more than juvenilia. But juvenilia are part of an inclusive portrait, however much the listener and the composer may squirm at the blunders and borrowings. My experience of listening to other composers is instructive. Sooner rather than later I want to know everything. Even where I might not care to know the work itself, I like to know about it. In this spirit, the only works I have omitted are ones that are lost, or that I may get round to revising. I hope that a note-intensive piano rendering of Webern’s Passacaglia Op. 1 will still turn up, for it is unlikely I will attempt it again. Some belligerent settings of Tom Paulin for baritone and ensemble from about 1987 also went missing in action. I suspect I’ll hate them now. But I would like to have them again.

I have also included some didactic works which are the by-product of years of teaching. This list may be added to.

Another aspect of the worklist is essays, some published and some not. Links are provided to writings which are published. But in the interests of giving the visitor comprehensive information, I will not confine myself to published work. So other essay titles will be added.

This is the story so far. I hope you find it interesting.

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